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Costa Rica, is considered at the tourist level, with a great world potential, with thousands of visitors a year, that is why the hotel field is increasingly wide, finding several options of Cheap Hotels in Costa Rica, with different characteristics and services , that will surely adapt to your needs.

Costa Rica offers a beautiful and immense nature before anything else, in this beautiful country you can enjoy its fascinating beaches, visit its attractive volcanoes, enjoy its beautiful natural parks and the most extreme and fun activities, from extreme sports to living unforgettable adventures, well be it in its cloud forests, its exotic forests or its beaches. It should be noted that there are many Hotels in Costa Rica, but getting the best Cheap Hotels in Costa Rica can be difficult, but we tell you which are the Best Accommodations in Manuel Antonio Park and with the best price.

One of the main engines that cheap hotels in Manuel Antonio Costra Rica have is the care and preservation of nature, because although we know the Hotels in Costa Rica, they have the most beautiful coastal surroundings, with Ecotourism as their main objective.

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If you doubt if you plan to stay in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, Hotel La Mariposa is one of the most finding places you will find, with a 270 degree view, it is without doubt one of the best hotels in the entire Manuel Antonio area.

We offer you the following rooms:

The Honeymoon Suite
A complete top-floor dedicated to our unique and exclusive Honeymoon Suite.

Premier Ocean View Suite:
These airy contemporary and spacious rooms offer a tasteful design combination of European modern style and Costa Rica's tropical style.

Standard Ocean View:
Offering the most inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean from your private La Mariposa Hotel balcony.

Ocean View Double Connecting:
Kick back in your airy balcony that merges into the tropical forest, perfect for enjoying the green colors of Costa Rica and listening to the calls of the howler monkeys.

Standard Room:

Our Standard Room offers tranquility and comfort at the lowest rate. This oversize room features two double beds and a sitting area.

Ocean View 3 Bedroom Apartment:
Our most recent addition to La Mariposa Family Apartments is designed to take advantage of breathtaking views, this 3-Bedroom Ocean View Apartment provide the perfect holiday escape for the whole family.

Ocean View 1 Bedroom Apartment:
Perfect for singles or couples, this accommodation style emphasizes natural light and large open plan living creating a comfortable and natural spacious environment.

Garden View 2 Bedroom Apartment:
La Mariposa 2-Bedroom Garden View Apartments, are probably the most convenient accommodations that you can find in the Manuel Antonio area.

Garden View 1 Bedroom Apartment:
La Mariposa 1-Bedroom Garden View Apartments, are probably the most convenient accommodations that you can find in the Manuel Antonio area.

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Costa Rica has become the main country to visit for nature lovers and also for its Cheap Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, which give you a luxury stay, with excellent services and beautiful surroundings, as is the Hotel La Mariposa Costa Rica, one of the Best Accommodations in Manuel Antonio, with incredible facilities, located in the highest point of Manuel Antonio and that gives you a unique view of the Pacific Coast from the balcony of its rooms.

Its capital is San José, in this sector is the majority of government and administrative buildings in the country, as well as beautiful Cheap Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, in addition to business and commercial centers; Although the airport is not in the center of the city, this is one of the main places to visit when arriving in Costa Rica, however, this is located about 20 kilometers west in Alajuela.

What helps boost tourism in Costa Rica, is its climatic variations throughout the year, the main change of the rainy season. The dry season in the city runs from December to the end of April, while the rainy seasons occupy the rest of the year, which is an attraction for the Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, making multiple excursions in the cloud forests to its visitors and Catamaran Tours in the Pacific Ocean depending on the weather.

In Costa Rica, the temperature varies throughout the year, maintaining an annual average between 21 and 27 degrees, it is important to know that it is only slightly colder in the mountain areas during the last months of the year, while the coastal areas are a little hotter and can reach 30 degrees.

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If you wonder why you should travel to Costa Rica, then here you will find in addition to the most beautiful surroundings, delicious cuisine and quality in its unique people, in addition to visiting its main attraction, Manuel Antonio, where there are also the Best Cheap Hotels in Costa Rica. Enjoy the best vacations of your life, with your family or friends, because staying in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica will allow them to meet each of their needs within the city.

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Although we tell you that, if you go to Costa Rica its Manuel Antonio Hotels, you will not want to leave the facilities of your hotels, either from the pool of the comfortable rooms, that is why they provide you with the best service, since you must have Keep in mind that your main objective should always be to be safe and enjoy all nature. So we recommend the Accommodations in Manuel Antonio Park, which give you the best stays in addition to the Cheap Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.

If you are wondering what is the best time of the year to travel to Costa Rica, the end of the dry season that would be in May or the end of the rainy season in Noviembreson is one of the best options, since they are considered good times, because its weather is extremely nice and hotel prices tend to be lower. If you cannot choose, any other time of the year has its advantages and disadvantages. But, in summary, it will always be a good time to stay in Costa Rica and stay in the Accommodations in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.

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